November 04, 2013
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Halloween Tip 1: Choose Wisely
Controlling how much sugar children eat is not as important as controlling what kind of sugar they get and what form it comes in. Dr. Warren Brill, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommends choosing candy or sweets that are eaten quickly, rather than something that stays in the mouth. "The important thing with sweets is how long the sugar sits in the mouth," he says. "The sugar turns into acid and demineralizes teeth." So consider a small piece of chocolate over a lollipop or a jolly rancher.

Halloween Tip 2: Set Expectations
It’s easy to overindulge on Halloween. Set ground rules for your child and for yourself before you go trick-or-treating. What is allowed during trick-or-treating, when you get home, and in the days to come? Make a plan and adhere to it. Mimi Wu, a nutritionist with suggests, “Let him know that he will have an opportunity to eat treats at a certain time (i.e. after dinner, as a snack), how much of it (i.e. two pieces of candy, one mini-cupcake), and that he can choose what he would like to eat[.]”

Halloween Tip 3: Fill Bellies
Before going trick-or-treating, feed your child a hearty snack or dinner to ensure he stays full while walking around the neighborhood. Make the festivities extra special by serving up a favorite (hopefully nutritious) meal. "This will help ensure that [they] fill up on something healthy, and be less likely to overindulge when confronted with a tray full of treats," says Mimi Wu, nutritionist with

Halloween Tip 4: Be an Educated Consumer
Not all Halloween candy is the same. Learn what the best choices are. For example, is a Snickers bar healthier than a Reese’s peanut butter cup? What about M&Ms vs. Skittles? And how about the difference between a Twix and a Kit Kat? Here’s a link to help you begin your research:


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